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Here at beatsabar we proudly work with schools, youth clubs & community groups in the local area to help a diverse range of children from all ethinic and cultural backgrounds through the medium of music!

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We'll come to you, or you can come to us!

We can bring our mobile studio to your school or chosen venue. Alternatively, here at beatsabar, we have fully equipped studio and rehearsal rooms in Wolverhampton.

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Alternative Education Providers

Beatsabar Music Project offer unique and bespoke music making workshops to vulnerable learners who are not allowed in mainstream education due to complex mental health or behavioural issues. The flexibility and quality of provision are fundamental to schools and local authorities when they consider alternative providers.

Our experienced, music producers and sound engineers deliver music making workshops face-to-face in our studios or at school, either one-to-one or to groups of up to 8 learners.

Sessions are delivered in line with each young person’s personalised timetable. The course leader will first access what level of music production or music entrepreneurship the student is at and then together they will write up a plan for the next 6-8weeks. Whether it will be to record a 5-track EP or learn how to create a beat using computer software, the workshop will not only allow the young person to express their creativity, but it will also provide educational moments.

Our teachers use a range of quality learning content and tools to deliver engaging and differentiated lessons. Methods used to support engagement include:

  • Whiteboard activities,

  • Audio and video content

  • Quizzes

All attendance, progress and engagement measurements are recorded by the course leader and a report is forwarded to the school either weekly or monthly. Prices for these workshops start from only £50ph.

Engaging Workshops

We have a range of workshops available that are fully interactive, helping your pupils to explore different rhythms, vocal lines and soundscapes.


These elements are put together and made into a musical composition. Participants will be able to perform the music, with the option of being filmed on camera.


All of our workshops and activities are suitable for:

Young Adults Teenagers SEN Key Stage 1-3 Schools LACs

From £6 per person

Email us to learn more:


Primary School Sessions

Beatsabar deliver musical workshops with kids from Key Stage 1 & 2 (Ages 7-11). Providing fun, structured and safe musical activities.

We give pupils a dynamic learning experience, whether they are singing over the top of a track they have created themselves, making a layered drum beat using percussion or creating a melody using simple tuned instruments.


The whole class can be involved in all stages of the music making process, regardless of ability. We also can work with teachers and help them plan end of term plays, write original scores and musicals. CPD training on basic music workshops also available.

Example activities: Warm-up games, discovering sounds, tempo, repetition, counting beats in a bar, learning music production terminologies, songwriting techniques

Recommended session time: 60-90 Mins

Maximum number of participants: 30
Maximum number of sessions per day: 3
Times: 9.15am - 10.45pm 1
1.15am - 12.30pm
1.30pm - 2.45pm

Outcome: At least one original song recorded on a beat produced and co-written by the pupils. Cost: £450 per day or £265 half-day

After School Clubs

Recommended session time: 90 Mins
Max number of participants for sessions at schools: 20
Max number of participants for sessions at Beatsabar: 10
Maximum number of sessions per day based at Beatsabar: 1
Cost: £155 per session based at Schools £95 per session based at Beatsabar

If you’d like The Beatsabar Team to come to your school, our requirements are: Table, Chairs, Power supply, WiFi

During the school term, the Beatsabar Music Project has run several after school clubs in their recording studios and live room for kids in Key Stages 1 and 2 (Ages 7-11) as well as Key Stages 3 and 4 (Ages 11-16).

The weekly sessions at schools run from 4pm - 5.30pm and will offer the children the chance to improve upon their current songwriting skills and musical abilities. Snacks and drinks are provided.

Beatsabar Music Project can also bring a portable recording studio to any school in the Wolverhampton borough, as part of their extended school programme.


Curriculum Workshops

At beatsabar, We pride ourselves on meeting the school requirements to help students have an informed appreciation of the arts and participate in their creation to a high standard.


We have developed bespoke music workshops that can be tailored to the national syllabus providing lesson planning and session plans for school teachers to follow in the future.

i.e. Trax Topical Sessions, Term Memories.

Enquire Today!

See below for contact details for a free, no-obligation discussion of your needs!

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