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About Us - Our History

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Formerly known as the Sam Sharpe's Music Project, the  Beatsabar Music Project has been offering musicians, charity organisations, and independent artists the opportunity to rehearse and record their work in fully equipped live room and digital recording studios since 2014. We have partnered with many organisations since then and worked on a wide range of projects:

2015 - Bitesize Music Lab

A music project targeted at 15-25yr old NEETs, young offenders, and those on verge of exclusion from school in challenging circumstances. Funded by the National Lottery (Awards For All), the 6-week project aimed to support young people to channel these negative traits by engaging in musical creative activities. The project worked with 18 young people and enabled them to increase their skill set and knowledge base of music technology. It acted as a springboard for people, with few or no qualifications, who wanted to enter the music industry.


2016 - The BEATS-A-BARBARIAN Sessions

A positive diversionary music project aimed at engaging with NEETs and young people from Wolverhampton who have been involved in anti-social behaviour. Funded by the National Lottery, the project consisted of producing and releasing a 5-track EP, which had been collectively produced by a group of young people. Videos were created for each song and edited by the young people. This meant that all aspects of the music production, song writing, mixing, and mastering and video were recorded by a young person from the community.  

2016 - Partnership with High Oaks

Beatsabar partnered with High Oaks Youth Club to deliver a music project funded by Erasmus + as part of an exchange programme. Beatsabar worked with 20 teenagers from UK, Austria, Romania, Germany and Czech Republic to produce a song about social justice and create a music video. 


2017 -  Soundbite Taster Sessions

Funded by the European Social Fund, the project supported 15x young people aged 18-24yrs interested in getting a basic understanding of sound recording, enhancing, and mixing. Participants were able to identify sound requirements for a given task or situation and were able to perform the appropriate actions. The project also allowed them to use our state-of-the-art equipment to record, mix and master an original track. Some students went on to find employment in other community recording studios and youth organisations.

2019 – Music Business 101

Supported by KA Drinks and the Wolverhampton Council, the FREE networking event has provided the community with valuable information about the music business. Throughout the day we had over 50 visitors who enjoyed learning about the entrepreneurial side of the music industry and had opportunities to talk to representatives from PRS, Arts council and industry professionals. We continue to have these events 2 times per year. 


2020 -  Studio Refurbishment

Funded by the SESF, Beatsabar have been able to renovate one of their rehearsals rooms and turn it into a second studio. Due to Covid, there has been a decline in rehearsals and an increased number of leads and contracts from Schools and Universities in Wolverhampton, looking for both training and services to support vulnerable young people. The funding has also allowed Beatsabar put an IT infrastructure in place to help them to move their services online.  The grant also enabled Beatsabar staff to have continued work and offer free services or heavily discounted music services to those affected by Covid.

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